#line 1293 "/home/travis/build/felix-lang/felix/src/packages/rtl-threads.fdoc"
#include "flx_pthread_config.hpp"
#include "flx_gc.hpp"
#include <thread>
#include <mutex>
#include <condition_variable>

// interface for a consumer/producer queue. threads requesting a resource
// that isn't there block until one is available. push/pop re-entrant

namespace flx { namespace pthread {

// ********************************************************
/// Thread safe bounded queue.
/// The queue can be locked by setting bound=0.
/// In this state it can only be unlocked by setting a non-zero bound.
/// If the bound is set to 1 (the default),
/// then the queue is always either empty or full.
/// An empty queue blocks readers until a writer sends some data.
/// A full queue blocks writers, until a reader reads the data.
/// Note that when the queue is empty a writer can write data
/// and continues without waiting for the data to be read.
// ********************************************************

class PTHREAD_EXTERN bound_queue_t {
  ::std::condition_variable_any size_changed;
  size_t bound;
  void *lame_opaque; // has to be public for the scanner to find it
  ::std::mutex member_lock;
  void enqueue(void*);
  void* dequeue();
  void* maybe_dequeue();
  void resize(size_t);
  void wait_until_empty();
  size_t len();

PTHREAD_EXTERN ::flx::gc::generic::scanner_t bound_queue_scanner;

}} // namespace pthread, flx