#line 937 "/home/travis/build/felix-lang/felix/src/packages/filesystem.fdoc"
  File system directory services,
  Parametrised  by operating system and mode type.
  class Directory_class[os,mode_t]
    Create a directory with specified mode.
    Returns 0 if successful.
    virtual gen mkdir: string * mode_t -> int;
    Create a directory with default mode.
    Returns 0 if successful.
    virtual gen mkdir: string -> int;
    Try to ensure all the directories in a path exist.
    Does not return any error indication.
    virtual proc mkdirs: string;
    virtual gen unlink_empty_dir: string -> int;
    Return an option list of all the regular files in a given directory.
    Returns None if the directory does not exist or isn't accessible.
    Returns Some files if the directory exists and is accessible.
    If the directory has no regular files, the list is Empty.
    virtual fun filesin:string -> opt[List::list[string]];
    Get the absolute pathname of the current working directory.
    virtual fun getcwd: 1 -> string;
    Convert a relative filename to an absolute pathname.
    virtual fun mk_absolute_filename: string -> string;
  Host file system directory services.
  Platform dependent.
  class Directory {
  if PLAT_WIN32 do
    inherit Win32Directory;
    inherit PosixDirectory;