#line 50 "/home/travis/build/felix-lang/felix/src/packages/pthreads.fdoc"
  header pthread_hxx = '#include "pthread_thread.hpp"';
  header mutex_hxx = '#include "pthread_mutex.hpp"';
  header condv_hxx = '#include "pthread_condv.hpp"';
  header counter_hxx = '#include "pthread_counter.hpp"';
  header semaphore_hxx = '#include "pthread_semaphore.hpp"';
  header monitor_hxx = '#include "pthread_monitor.hpp"';
  header work_fifo_hxx = '#include "pthread_work_fifo.hpp"';
  This class provides access to the operating system's native
  threading routines. On systems with multiple cpus, this may
  increase performance as the operating system may schedule
  threads on different processors.
  open class Pthread
    requires package "flx_pthread";
    type job_queue = "::flx::pthread::worker_fifo*" requires work_fifo_hxx;
    type worker_task = "::flx::pthread::worker_task*" requires work_fifo_hxx;
    gen mk_job_queue: int * int -> job_queue = "new ::flx::pthread::worker_fifo($1,$2)";
    proc add_worker_task : job_queue  * worker_task = "$1->add_worker_task($2);";
    spawn a detached pthread.
    proc spawn_pthread(p:1->0)
        var con = start p;              // get continuation of p
        var fthr = mk_thread con;
        svc$ svc_spawn_pthread fthr;
    proc thread_yield : 1 = "PTF gcp->collector->get_thread_control()->yield();";