(** Inlining
 * To make this work, we need a theorem.  First, the call rule is:
 * [A procedure may only call a child of an ancestor.]
 * Note an ancestor is itself or a parent of any ancestor: that is, a procedure
 * is an ancestor of itself. A parentless toplevel procedure is considered a
 * child of a dummy root to make this simple formulation work.
 * It is clear we can inline any sibling by copying its body, and duplicating
 * any children -- variables and nested procedures included. This is because
 * any references to its parent will go through from the caller, since they
 * have the same parent. 
 * Clearly this result extends to any child of any parent. **)

val heavy_inlining:
  Flx_mtypes2.sym_state_t ->
  Flx_bsym_table.t ->