open Flx_util
open Flx_types
open Flx_btype
open Flx_bparameter
open Flx_bexpr
open Flx_bbdcl
open Flx_print
open Flx_set
open Flx_mtypes2
open Flx_typing
open List
open Flx_unify
open Flx_maps
open Flx_exceptions

let fixtype bsym_table t =
  let rec f_btype t =
    let t = ~f_btype t in
    match t with 
    | BTYP_inst (i,ts) ->  (* ts already upgraded by the **)
      let bsym =
        try Flx_bsym_table.find bsym_table i 
        with Not_found -> failwith ("can't find entry " ^ string_of_int i ^ " in bsym table")
      let entry =  Flx_bsym.bbdcl bsym in
      begin match entry with
      | BBDCL_newtype (vs,t) -> 
        let t = tsubst ( bsym) vs ts t in 
        let t' = f_btype t in (* rescan replacement type **) 
      | _ -> 
    | _ -> 
  f_btype t

let fixqual bsym_table qual = 
  match qual with
  | `Bound_needs_shape t -> `Bound_needs_shape (fixtype bsym_table t)
  | x -> x

let fixquals bsym_table quals =
  map (fixqual bsym_table) quals

let fixreq bsym_table  (bid,ts) =
  bid, map (fixtype bsym_table) ts

let fixreqs bsym_table reqs = map (fixreq bsym_table) reqs

let fixexpr bsym_table e =
  let rec f_bexpr e =
    match ~f_btype:(fixtype bsym_table) ~f_bexpr e with
    | BEXPR_apply ( (BEXPR_closure(i,_),_),a),_
    | BEXPR_apply_direct (i,_,a),_
    | BEXPR_apply_prim (i,_,a),_
      when (
       try Flx_bsym_table.is_identity bsym_table i 
       with Not_found -> 
         failwith ("strabs:is_identity checked not found on " ^ string_of_int i)
      ) -> a
    | x -> x
  f_bexpr e

let fixbexe bsym_table x = ~f_btype:(fixtype bsym_table) ~f_bexpr:(fixexpr bsym_table) x

let fixbexes bsym_table bexes = map (fixbexe bsym_table) bexes

let fixps bsym_table (ps,traint) = (fun p -> { p with ptyp=fixtype bsym_table p.ptyp }) ps,
  match traint with
  | None -> None
  | Some t -> Some (fixexpr bsym_table t)

let strabs_symbol bsym_table index parent bsym bsym_table' =
  let ft t = fixtype bsym_table t in
  let fts ts = map (fixtype bsym_table) ts in
  let fe e = fixexpr bsym_table e in
  let fxs xs = fixbexes bsym_table xs in
  let fp bps = fixps bsym_table bps in
  let fb rqs = fixreqs bsym_table rqs in
  let fq qs = fixquals bsym_table qs in

  let h bbdcl = Flx_bsym_table.add bsym_table' index parent { bsym with Flx_bsym.bbdcl= bbdcl } in
  match Flx_bsym.bbdcl bsym with
  | BBDCL_invalid
  | BBDCL_module
  | BBDCL_typeclass _
  | BBDCL_instance _
  | BBDCL_axiom 
  | BBDCL_lemma 
  | BBDCL_reduce 
    -> assert false

  | BBDCL_newtype (bvs, t) -> ()

  | BBDCL_fun (props, bvs, bps, ret, bexes) ->
      h (bbdcl_fun (props, bvs, fp bps, ft ret, fxs bexes))

  | BBDCL_val (bvs, t, kind) ->
      h (bbdcl_val (bvs, ft t, kind))

  | BBDCL_external_type (bvs, btqs, c, breqs) ->
      h (bbdcl_external_type (bvs, fq btqs, c, fb breqs))

  | BBDCL_external_const (props, bvs, t, c, breqs) ->
      h (bbdcl_external_const (props,  bvs, ft t, c, fb breqs))

  | BBDCL_external_fun (props, bvs, ts, t, breqs, prec, kind) ->
      (* Ignore identity functions. **)
      if kind = `Code Flx_code_spec.Identity then () else
      let kind =
        match kind with
        | `Callback (ts2, j) -> `Callback (fts ts2, j)
        | _ -> kind
      h (bbdcl_external_fun (props, bvs, fts ts, ft t, fb breqs, prec, kind))

  | BBDCL_external_code (bvs, c, ikind, breqs) ->
      h (bbdcl_external_code (bvs, c, ikind, fb breqs))

  | BBDCL_union (bvs, cts) ->
      let cts = map (fun (s,j,t) -> s,j,ft t) cts in
      h (bbdcl_union (bvs, cts))

  | BBDCL_struct (bvs, cts) ->
      let cts = map (fun (s,t) -> s,ft t) cts in
      h (bbdcl_struct (bvs, cts))

  | BBDCL_cstruct (bvs, cts, breqs) ->
      let cts = map (fun (s,t) -> s,ft t) cts in
      h (bbdcl_cstruct (bvs, cts, fb breqs))

  | BBDCL_const_ctor (bvs, j, t1, k, evs, etraint) ->
      h (bbdcl_const_ctor (bvs, j, ft t1, k, evs, ft etraint))

  | BBDCL_nonconst_ctor (bvs, j, t1, k,t2, evs, etraint) ->
      h (bbdcl_nonconst_ctor (bvs, j, ft t1, k, ft t2, evs, ft etraint))

let strabs bsym_table =
  let bsym_table' : Flx_bsym_table.t = Flx_bsym_table.create () in
    (fun bid parent sym -> 
        strabs_symbol bsym_table bid parent sym bsym_table'
      with Not_found ->
        failwith ("Strabs chucked not found processing " ^ string_of_int bid)