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+ 0.1 faio-1.01.01-0.flx

  //Check sockets
  include "std/io/stream";
  include "std/io/socket";
  open Stream;
  open Socket;
  open Stream::TerminalIOByteStream[Socket::socket_t];
  print "flx tcp stream test\n";
  var listener: socket_t;
  var port = 0;  // you choose
  // var port = 1024;
  // check errors. how is that done?
  mk_listener(&listener, &port, 1);
  //println$ "Got port: "; print port; endl;
  //println$ "listeneing on socket " + str listener;
  print "spawning connector\n";
  // not printing in thread to make output deterministic.
  // note that the connect shouldn't fail (immediately) because the
  // listener exists - it just hasn't called accept yet.
      var eof = false;
      // print "Connector dude\n";  // get rid of, hard to test
      var c: socket_t;
      connect(&c, c"", port); // connect to localhost
      //println$ "fthread's socket is " + str c;
      var st: string;
      get_line(c, &st);
      print "connector got "; print st; endl;
      write_string(c, "thanks\n", &eof);         // newline important
      ioclose(c);  // finished with this
      //println$ "fthread closed " + str c;
  var s: socket_t;
  accept(listener, &s);
  //println$ "Mainline accepted connection on socket " + str s;
  ioclose(listener);  // not needed anymore
  var eof = false;
  print "got connection\n";
  write_string(s, "server says hi\n", &eof);     // newline important here
  var st: string;
  get_line(s, &st);
  print "server got "; print st; endl;
  //println$ "mainline closed socket " + str s;

flx tcp stream test
spawning connector
got connection
connector got server says hi
server got thanks