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+ 0.1 posix-1.01.02-0.flx

  include "std/posix/faio_posix";
  open Faio_posix;
  header "typedef struct { char dat[8]; } tstbuf;";
  ctypes tstbuf;
  proc dprint: tstbuf = 'printf("%.8s", $1.dat);';
  fun get_data: tstbuf -> address = "$1.dat";
  fun get_data: +char -> address = "$1";
  // try to send some data down a socket
  var port = 0;   // let mk_listener choose the port
  var listener: socket_t;  mk_listener(&listener,&port, 1);
  // not printing in thread to make output repeatable in
  // the face of scheduler changes.
      var c: socket_t;
      connect(&c, c"", port);
      var n = 8;
      var eof: bool;
      async_write(c, &n, get_data((c"faio2you")), &eof);
      shutdown(c, 1);  // no further writes (wakes reader)
      var b: tstbuf;
      async_read(c, &n, b.get_data, &eof);
      print "connector read "; dprint b; endl;
      System::exit 0;
  var s: socket_t;
  accept (&s, listener);  // async!
  var b: tstbuf;
  var n = 16;           // ask for more than there is and rely on shutdown
  var eof: bool;
  async_read(s, &n, b.get_data, &eof);
  print "acceptor read "; print n; print " bytes: "; dprint b; endl;
  async_write(s, &n, get_data((c"thanks!!")), &eof);

acceptor read 8 bytes: faio2you
connector read thanks!!