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+ 0.1 win-1.01.01-0.flx

  include "std/win32/faio_win32";
  open Faio_win32;
  var port = 1234;  // can't yet get os to choose the port. should fix that.
  var listener: SOCKET;
  mk_listener(&listener, &port, 1);
  print "spawning connector\n";
  // not printing in thread to make output repeatable in
  // the face of scheduler changes.
      var c: SOCKET;
      Connect(&c, c"", port);
  var s: SOCKET;
  var success: bool;
  mk_socket(&s);    // for async accept on win32 you create the accept socket yourself
  Accept(&success, listener, s);
  if success then {
    print "successful accept!\n";
    System::exit 0;
  } else {
    print "accept failed!\n";
    System::exit 1;
  } endif;

spawning connector
successful accept!