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+ 0.1 win-1.01.02-0.flx

  include "std/win32/faio_win32";
  open Faio_win32;
  // let's add a win32 namedpipe test!
  // type WFILE is a HANDLE. that should work.
  // note the "r" for felix string raw mode.
  var pname = r"\\.\pipe\flx_pipe";
  // CreateNamedPipe binding (put in a library somewhere)
  // duplex, byte stream, one instance,
  // guessing 256 bytes for input and output buffers
  // 0 default timeout (not using default wait, shouldn't matter)
  // default security attributes
  // associating with the iocp doesn't work, the pipe must be created with
  // FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED set in dwOpenMode. Otherwise OVERLAPPED calls block.
  gen CreateNamedPipe: string -> WFILE =
   '''CreateNamedPipe($1.c_str(), PIPE_ACCESS_DUPLEX | FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED,
       PIPE_TYPE_BYTE, 1, 256, 256, 0, NULL);''';
  // OpenFile in faio_win32 should work fine here
  print "Creating named pipe "; print pname; endl;
  var pipe: WFILE = CreateNamedPipe(pname);
  // how to connect with this stuff? can I open it non blockingly?
  if pipe == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE then
    print "BUGGER: CreateNamedPipeFailed: "; print (GetLastError()); endl;
  } else {
    print "whoo!\n";
  } endif;
  // let's try to associate with IOCP here...
  // Hack: the interface requires a SOCKET, which it then casts to a HANDLE.
  // don't forget to create pipe with FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED, else we
  header = """
  using namespace flx;
  using namespace demux;
  using namespace faio;
  // wrap up ConnectNamedPipe. This function normally blocks, so we must
  // use it in a way that allows us to deschedule the fthread.
  class connect_namedpipe
    : public waio_base,  public flx::demux::iocp_wakeup {
    HANDLE pipe;       // for demux
    connect_namedpipe(HANDLE p = INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) : pipe(p) {}
    // this belongs in demux class
    virtual bool start_overlapped()
      fprintf(stderr, "connect named pipe start overlapped %p\\n", pipe);
      clear_overlapped();  // everyone's doing this
      BOOL success;
      success = ConnectNamedPipe(pipe, &ol);
      // fprintf(stderr, "Connect named pipe: %i\\n", success);
        // this shouldn't happen ever. make it an error.
        fprintf(stderr, "ConnectNamedPipe SUCCEEDED (shouldn't happen)\\n");
      } else {
        int err = GetLastError();
        fprintf(stderr, "ConnectNamedPipe returned %i\\n", err);
        // this doesn't always signify failure.
           case ERROR_PIPE_CONNECTED: // got a connection already
             fprintf(stderr, "ALREADY GOT CONNECTION\\n");
             // do fake wakeup here for great greatness. eats user cookie.
             iocp_op_finished(0, 0, &ol, NO_ERROR);
             return true;  // async finished
           case ERROR_IO_PENDING:  // completion packet is in the mail
             fprintf(stderr, "Connection pending... (normal)\\n");
             return false;         // not finished, packet still to come
             fprintf(stderr, "ConnectNamedPipe FAILED (%i)\\n", err);
      return false;  // let's not get woken, packet still to come (??)
    // this belongs in faio class
    bool start_async_op_impl()
      fprintf(stderr,"named_pipe: start async_op_impl\\n");
      fprintf(stderr, "start_async_op for named pipe\\n");
      return start_overlapped();
    // as does this
    virtual void iocp_op_finished(DWORD nbytes, ULONG_PTR udat,
      LPOVERLAPPED olp, int err)
      fprintf(stderr, "connect named pipe FINISHED! err: %i\\n", err);
      waio_base::iocp_op_finished(nbytes, udat, olp, err);
  proc getbyte(f: WFILE, outc: &char)
    var c: char;
    val ac = &c;
    var len = 1;
    var eof: bool;
    ReadFile(f, &len, ac.address, &eof);
    *outc = c;
  proc putbyte(f: WFILE, c: char)
    var copyc = c;
    val ac = &copyc;
    var len = 1;
    var eof: bool;
    WriteFile(f, &len, ac.address, &eof);
  // spawn a connect fthread after having created the named pipe
  // I'm not yet "accepting", but hopefully I can spawn a client here
  spawn_fthread {
    // print "Gudday, client thread, trying to open PIPE\n";
    // var p: WFILE <- OpenFile(pname);
    // having trouble getting io...
    var p: WFILE = OpenFileDuplex(pname);
    // print "Client thread returned from OpenFile\n";
    if p == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE then
    { print "BUGGER: client couldn't open pipe: "; print (GetLastError()); endl; }
    else { print "client opened pipe\n"; } endif;
    // HUM need to associate.
    print "associating client\n";
    var c: char;
    getbyte(p, &c);
    print "client got "; print c; endl;
    putbyte(p, char 'b');
  type np_request = 'connect_namedpipe';
  fun mk_np_request: WFILE -> np_request = 'connect_namedpipe($1)';
  var npr = mk_np_request(pipe);
  Faio::faio_req$ &npr;
  print "poot! got connection (maybe)\n";
  print "server trying to put byte\n";
  putbyte(pipe, char 'a');
  var c: char;
  getbyte(pipe, &c);
  print "server got "; print c; endl;

Creating named pipe \\.\pipe\flx_pipe
client opened pipe
associating client
poot! got connection (maybe)
server trying to put byte
client got a
server got b