#line 746 "/home/travis/build/felix-lang/felix/src/packages/flx_pkgconfig.fdoc"
  include "std/felix/flx_pkgconfig";
  header flx_pkgconfig_header =
  #include <iostream>
  #include "flx_ioutil.hpp"
  #include "flx_strutil.hpp"
  #include "flx_rtl.hpp"
  #include "flx_gc.hpp"
  // This KLUDGE does two independent things:
  // (1) It stops problems with the GC preventing
  // building Felix in a core build.
  // (2) It injects the header includes required by flx_pkgconfig
  // directly into flx_pkgconfig so the executable can be built
  // without flx or flx_pkgconfig.
  // The latter is essential during the Python based bootstrap
  // build process. That process uses the flx_pkgconfig executable
  // to translate the flx.resh file produced by compiling flx.flx
  // with flxg into actual package requirements, and thence
  // into the required header file.
  proc kludge : 1 = "PTF gcp->allow_collection_anywhere=false;" requires flx_pkgconfig_header;
  // strip any trailing space off to ease bash scripting
  var return_code, result = FlxPkgConfig::flx_pkgconfig (tail #System::args);
  print$ strip$ cat ' ' result; endl;
  System::exit return_code;