+ 1 Felix Language Tutorial

Welcome to the Felix language!

In this tutorial will cover the basics of programming in Felix by starting with short examples. By the end of this tutorial, you should know enough about Felix to write modest applications and (hopefully) impress your friends and collegues. This tutorial should also enable you to explore Felix's more advanced features in the other documents.

For someone that is already familiar with a programming langauge, this tutorial shouldn't take long--maybe 15-20 minutes. We encourage you not to skip ahead to more ambitious things; not yet anyway. You can skim the words, but we encourage you to look at the code examples, the output, and ask the question "why did that happen?" Some concepts like "applying a function to each element of a list" seem innocuous but not every language is the same, and Felix has some notable differences.

So go get cup of coffee, relax in your favorite chair (or standing desk), fire up your text editor, and follow along with us as we go.

If you find issue with anything in this tutorial or have specific questions, please send a message to our mailing list. We enjoy answering questions, talking about Felix, hearing about what your experiences, and would appreciate hearing from you.