+ 1 Some Articles

This section contains some articles about Felix which you might read to gain understanding of both concepts and details. It's a collection of ad-hoc, unordered tracts which don't fit into the classification as either reference material or tutorial material.

+ 1.1 Literate Felix

Literate programming is a fundamental paradigm shift in the very base concept of programming and documentation, invented by Donald E. Knuth.

In traditional programming, you define requirements in documents, design algorithms on the back of a postage stamp, implement code in some programming language, provide test cases, implement test procedures, and finally document the code.

With literate programming, these diverse technologies are integrated into a single system in which the document is primal. Code is not documented, rather documents are enhanced with working code.

Read how Literate Felix provides literate programming and why you should use it!

+ 1.2 Is Felix a Scripting Language?

A question debated on the mailing list. Exactly what is a scripting language?

+ 1.3 Category Theory and Polynormial types

A category theory primer and discussion of polynomial types and how they're represented in Felix.