Building Felix from source

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Prebuilt Felix binaries

You can find precompiled binaries of Felix for Windows and Linux on Github. The Linux binaries are built on Travis CI using GCC 5.1. The Windows binaries are built on Appveyor with MSVC (19.00.24210 for x64).

(Deprecated instructions are available here, and will be updated soon.)

Contributing to Felix

Always discuss on mailing list first. To contribute directly to the main repository you will require permission. Then you can do

git commit -a
git push
to push out a patch. If you don't have permission, you should register with GitHub and fork a clone there, then download your working copy from that. Now you can push to your fork. When you're ready you can use the Github web interface to send a merge request email.

Bug Reports

You can use the Github bug tracking tool and/or send an email to the Felix mailing list.

Mailing Lists # registration required # registration required

Web site

The main page is currently at
If you follow the installation procedure this should be echoed on your local machine.