+ 1 Felix toolkit

The Felix system consists of a number of executable tools. Together these tools are design to deliver platform independent operation. The core tools are the compiler {flxg} and the user command line interface {flx}.

+ 2 Tools source directories.

The utility tools

+ 2.1 flx

dflx.flx           # Plugin based CLI IDE for Felix and C++
flx.flx            # standalone version
bootflx.flx        # a special version used in bootstrapping

Command line compiler and execution harness. to use a single, integrated tool: {flx}.

+ 2.1.1 flxg

The compiler flxg. The Felix language compiler. Translates Felix code into C++.

+ 2.1.2 flx_pkgconfig

Configuration database query tool. Similar to pkgconfig except general purpose and well principled.

+ 2.2 File management

flx_ls.flx         # list files in matching regexp
flx_cp.flx         # copy files match regexp with replacement
flx_grep.flx       # search files matching regexp for lines matching regexp
flx_replace.flx    # global search and replace
flx_perror.flx     # document OS error codes
A set of basic file handling tools using regular expressions instead of glob.

+ 2.3 High performance programmers webserver

dflx_web.flx       # plugin based web server
flx_web.flx        # standalone version
A plugin based webserver that can highlight and hyperlink Felix and C++ programs and documentation files, as well as serving general HTML.

+ 2.4 Build system.

flx_build_flxg.flx # builds compiler
flx_build_prep.flx # build preparation
flx_build_rtl.flx  # build run time library
flx_build_boot.flx # build everything else

+ 2.5 Literate programming.

flx_tangle.flx     # extract felix, expect, and input files from fdoc
flx_iscr.flx       # extract named files from fdoc

+ 2.6 Documentation tools.

flx_mktutindex.flx  # make index for tutorial pages
flx_renumber.flx    # renumber tutorial files
flx_libcontents.flx # generate table of contents for library
flx_libindex.flx    # generate index for library
flx_gramdoc.flx     # generate grammar description
flx_gengraph.flx    # generate SVG graph for performance tests

+ 2.7 Misc.

flx_sqlite3.c       # standard sqlite2 CLI utility
pposix.flx          # generate bindings for all posix functions
flx_testpack.flx    # utility to pack test files with expects into an fdoc
mk_daemon.c         # a little program to daemonise its argument on Posix
timeout-4.11/       # a Posix program to run a process with a timeout
norK                # a Posx process management tool
scoop.flx           # A start at a Felix package manager.