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+ 2.1 Fixed Insertions

It is possible to insert C code directly into your Felix program:

  cstmt '::std::cout << "hello world" << ::std::endl;';
  println$ cexpr[string] '::std::string("Hello ")' endcexpr +"world";

hello world
Hello world

If you write a plain code as in the first line, it is parsed as a statement and the given string emitted as written. If you write {code[T]} instead, it is considered an expression of type T.

You can also write {noreturn code} instead of code if your code does not return. This may be necessary to tell the Felix compiler to complain about subsequent code being unreachable, and, not to complain if a function or procedure appears to drop through when actually the exist is managed by the inserted C code. For example:

  noreturn cstmt "exit(0);";